Energy Crisis

Hello All,

It’s been a while. I miss you all dearly.  I know some of you have missed me to even if you won’t admit it and for others who might have said to themselves,  ‘thank goodness,  she has finally stopped bothering us’. I’m sorry to disappoint you,  I haven’t stopped.

Sorry you have to bear with me because I have got questions that I can’t seem to answer on my own.

Can I be properly educated on this ‘ENERGY CRISIS’ that we are facing now, because from where I sit,  I don’t see an end to it any time soon.

Is it a problem that can be fixed or not?

If it can be fixed,  why are we not channeling all our efforts into doing so?

On the other hand if it cannot be solved, is there no other alternative for us as a country?

Is it a problem of lack of competent personnel and if so, where are our personnel from KNUST? Rightly so I ask because KNUST is supposed or is our number one (1) technological institutional as well as the other affiliate institutions.

Are we to now conscientise ourselves and accept this crisis as our new way of life?


How I wish I could answer these and many more questions on our Energy Crisis.  I guess that is why I am throwing these questions at you.

Can someone be kind enough to educate a ‘Sister’ on these matters?

God bless Mother Ghana

One thought on “Energy Crisis

  1. Hmmmm, talking about energy crisis in Ghana, I share the same sentiment with you and keep asking why but I think there is more to it than what you and I know, let just hope this article get to the right quarters for a good result for mother Ghana. Keep it up…


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