My Observations

Persons we elect to manage our nation really matters.
With our current leadership,  these are the few things I’ve observed about them

1. They simply don’t care about what anybody says.
2. They are selfish and self-conceited
3. They know majority of the population are illiterate and intend to keep it so because it serve their purpose.

I haven’t commented on current issues because I’m so overwhelmed by everything that is happening and baffled that our leaders can go to bed with that is happening around us and still have a sound sleep.  Wow!

Where are we heading?
What are our priorities?
Do our leaders think through the decisions they make before taking those action on these decisions?

Are we not in a state of emergency now?
1. No electricity – 12%
2. No water – 6%
3. No fuel – 20%

I don’t know about you but I am having difficulties sleeping over Ghana’s current state of affairs.


God bless Ghana and us all!

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