Listening to Joy News Night at 6:00 pm, my heart is saddened.
What is happening to our Motherland, Ghana?
Trust me if it had been an investigation or prosecution of past official in the opposition party, all resources would have been available.
But because this GYEEDA & SADA are all cronies of the President and the ruling party, virtually nothing is being done about it.

An ICT Programme that has been fully paid for to RLG and nothing has been done, the same ICT Programme is being advertised for another firm to take it up and be paid for again.

Aaba President Mahama, what at all is all this?
President Mahama, how am I to have faith in you and your administration when you are refusing to deal with SADA & GYEEDA?
Is it that you just do not care about Ghana at all?

When I hear news of this nature, I wonder if indeed the President and his cronies are truly Ghanaian.
I do not believe that a true Ghanaian who loves this Nation would look unconcerned when the hard earned resources of this Nation is being exploited in this manner.

Despite all the investigations into this GYEEDA & SADA and the outcome, CHARJ is telling us that they do not have the resources to investigate the allegations.

Eeeiiii Ghana!

Honestly, these things makes me regret being a Ghanaian and wish I had a say in the decision of choosing my country of origin.
How am I expected to be patriotic under this conditions?

It’s just sad and heart breaking.
Do not know what to say anymore because, I feel like my heart is being pierced with a sword

I weep for Mother Ghana.

God bless Ghana and us all!


  1. There are no better words to describe the present Ghana & the mahama’s administration than to say we are living in a FAILED STATE, very chaotic. It always reminds me of how campus politics are run. sometimes when I hear comments passed by foreigners about how c Ghana is being managed, I feel so ashamed!
    with this kind of leadership, the colonial era would have been better.


  2. It seems to me that Ghanaians deserve the nonsense that is being dished out to us. We have wilfully and decidedly resigned ourselves to choose the worse and the worst options to lead us every now and then. We are eternaly fooled by the machinations of foreign imperialist


  3. What fascinates me the most is the behaviour of Ghanaians towards what is going on around us. We are acting like people under a spell. We hear, see and even have people admitting to these wrongdoing, yet just a few ar most are talking about it and the majority look on unconcerned. Personally I wish there is more I can do than just writing about it. I desperately need ideas as to the way forward because if we don’t do anything, I definitely sure we are going to regret how worse things are going to turn out.
    Ghanaians its about time we take action to redeem our nation and if we don’t, posterity will judge us. Lets stop being self-centred and know that our actions and inactions goes before us.


  4. I was hoping the president will use this opportunity to demonstrate his disgust for these criminal masterminds but it appears the wheels of justice grinds slower than we perceived. The attorney general should be separated from the ministry of justice to give it the power and the political free will to do as is fair and just.
    Don’t we ever think for a minute that it will be any different under any other government since the institution remains the same


    • Boahene, I have heard many people makin the suggestion that the Attorney Gen’s office should be separate from that of the Ministry of Justice. In theory this sounds
      fine and kosher. However I fear that in practice we may be as disappointed as we are in the Commissioner of CHRAJ and the Electoral
      However I fear that in p


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