This is to the Roads and Highways Minster and Authorities and all those in charge of federal and urban roads. This is a humble plea from me, and others who ply the Legon and Dodowa road each day especially at njght. The road is day in and day out becoming a dead trap for us…

Why Go At All – VGMA

I don’t get it, why do people go for these programs;  the music awards if you won’t dance, sing, clap or participate in anything? Stay home if you will only go and sit and watch.  I think you can do that better at home watching your TV.


My deepest appreciation goes to spynewsagency.com for taking it up to publish my blog on your website.  I know this will enable other and most importantly,  those in authorities to hear our plights about the state of the Nation. Big ups


Listening to Joy News Night at 6:00 pm, my heart is saddened. What is happening to our Motherland, Ghana? Trust me if it had been an investigation or prosecution of past official in the opposition party, all resources would have been available. But because this GYEEDA & SADA are all cronies of the President and…